Nut Milk and Granola Making Workshop

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Sometimes there is nothing better than some granola and non-dairy milk! In this workshop we will learn how to make our own nut/seed milk and crunchy granola using the pulp from the milk. 

Come and learn the qualities and benefits of different nuts and seeds (as well as what they are hiding in our store bought non-dairy milks). We will make and sample various non-dairy milk combinations. We will also make granola using the leftover part of the nut milk so that nothing is wasted! It’s so easy and affordable to make your own nut milk and this way you get to choose exactly what goes in your body. 

Everyone will receive their own special nut milk bag and yummy recipes!

-My health story/what I have learned 
-Qualities of different nuts/seeds 
-What’s in store bought milk 
-Hands on how to make nut milk 
-Hands on granola making 

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