Nourishing Your Digestive Health

Learn how to optimize your nutrition with OPTIMAL DIGESTION. For most of us who have transitioned from a standard American diet, and as a result of our modern lifestyle of inward and outward stresses, our digestion is less than optimal. We are eating all this great food, but are we actually absorbing it? Holly will explain how digestion is supposed to work and what happens when it doesn’t. Often times, this is the missing link to those lagging issues that just eating real food doesn’t fix. Holly will also perform a functional evaluation on a volunteer audience member to demonstrate how a nutritional therapist can help you determine where you have digestive dysfunction and what support your body needs to improve it. Please join us for this fun, informative presentation and support Holly Morello as she finishes her last Nutritional Therapy Association class assignment (this is her community service project and is free for all attendees).

Parking: Guest parking for The Sage Center is on the street; please do not use the building parking lot.

Dinner: Please feel free to bring your dinner along. There is a New Seasons nearby on SW Cedar Hills Boulevard.

p.s. Holly needs a volunteer! The volunteer will complete some initial assessment information prior to the event (approximately 1 hour of intake info) and be willing to participate in a free functional assessment and Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT) demonstration at the event. Please contact Holly via Meet-up messaging for more information.

Note: Are you a photographer and/or web developer? I’m looking to trade services. Please message me!

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