Northwest Valley Auto Immune Protocol Support Group

I understand that many of you need to take Paleo one step further by including more restrictions. If you are afflicted with an auto-immune disease or have severe food allergies, it may be especially tough to navigate restaurant menus and grocery stores. Let's help each other out! Support each other by offering tips, strategies, and assistance to those who need support with their elimination diets!

Think of this is a healthy hump day happy hour!  Also, the Citadelle Plaza has a very charming farmer's market going on at the same time!  Some suggestions for this group could be discussing AIP books or news articles, swapping AIP-friendly recipes, shopping together and eating lunch together.  You guys set the tone and share what you would like to get out of this!

And by no means is this group restricted to people on the AIP protocol but they are especially welcome and encouraged to attend.  I think we could all learn a little something just by being a fly on the wall! 🙂

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