Ninja Warrior Games

I put this on the discussion board but I think it deserves its own event.

As a wordsmith, I'd say ‘epic' is an over-used adjective lately, but this event may end up living up to this descriptor. While the obstacle course itself will be epic, we are crafting the event to have a cozy, down-to-earth feeling where participants can get to know each other, play and have fun. We want grok/ettes, and fledgling grok/ettes there with their little ones, too. All shapes and sizes, all ages, all levels.

This is a weekend of movement, learning, and fun. The obstacle course we're building includes (so far): zip lines, rope climbs, traversing, rock climbing, spider walls, wall climbs, ‘body' drags, tire flips, salmon ladders, monkey bars, tarzan rings, and more.

The course will have three levels. The first level most people will easily finish. The third level we anticipate very few people being able to finish, if anyone (kind of like the real Ninja Warrior).

Workshops include (so far): MovNat, beginner acrobatics, gymnastics, Parkour, Capoeira, Crossfit, and rock climbing.

It's $5/day for kids $7/day for adults, 16 workshops per day, $100's in prizes for beating the course.

Food from Wallace Farms, maybe Anthony's paleo nut bars, food from Enjoy Life, and more.

Register online here:

If you want to volunteer or teach a workshop (any type of movement or skill!) please use the form on the website as that will go directly to Darek who's organizing that end of things.

If you have KIDS and want to bring them to test out the course THIS WEEKEND 11/2-4 during our construction and dry run please contact me directly. I'll set up a separate event for that as well on the MeetUp.

If you want to sell your paleo food/goodies or wares or set up a booth for something, please contact me directly.

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