Newbie meet-up!

A great idea was put forth at the last potluck, for a newbie meet and greet!


We have tons of new members joining every month.  Some of you are completely new to the idea of paleo, and some of you are familiar and have been doing it, but are new to the meet up group.


Thought it would be nice to put together a meet-up for all the newbies!  This is only a semi-potluck.  Please feel free to bring food if you wish to share, but it is definitely not required (some people new to paleo are a little intimidated by cooking the “right” things).  Feel free to pick up something at the store too, if you want to bring something (nuts [not peanuts], coconut water, wine, a rotisserie chicken, mixed veggies, salad, etc).  Just if you bring something remember to bring a list of ingredients.  Some people don't do dairy, some do, etc.  But no worries if you don't bring anything, we always have plenty of food!


Bring your questions, bring your selves, bring a friend!


And, of course, this is not just for newbies, feel free to come even if you've been around awhile!  Just be prepared to answer questions.  😉


Look forward to meeting you,



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