Natural Movement Beginner’s Workshop

NOTE: This event is great for people at all levels. If you came last time, come again–this is for you!


Warning: This is an EXTREMELY FUN  event. Last time we did this, people had a GREAT TIME. Only attend if you want to thoroughly enjoy yourself with COOL people.

Pics from last time:



Want to learn the basics of moving like our ancestors and hunter-gatherers? Come to this Natural Movement Beginner's Workshop and experience the fun of moving the way you were meant to.

Feel like a kid again as you engage both your mind and body in the types of exercise kids do instinctively but many adults have forgotten.

We'll be playing on the bars, crawling, climbing, jumping, and playing the ever-popular Follow the Leader!

To see an inspiring example of Natural Movement, watch this awesome video of Erwan Le Corre, the founder of MovNat:

Despite some of the daring moves in the video, Natural Movement is completely adaptable. Even if you're out of shape or have injuries, you can do what works for you and have fun. It's great for men and women, young and old. The movements are meant to be physically efficient, safe, and enjoyable. Feel free to wear minimalist shoes (like Vibrams), tennis shoes, or no shoes at all.



The park is in a residential neighborhood. There are rocks to climb on, a hill to crawl down, and plenty of other stuff to do. There is a parking lot with plenty of parking. I'll be at the near the playground at a picnic table.

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