MovNat 2-day workshop

Try fitness from a paleo approach.

MovNat, for the first time, is sending a Team Instructor over to our country!

Description from their website:

Learn the fundamentals of Natural Movement. Our 2 day, 14 hour workshops are equally designed for beginners and fitness aficionados alike. The skills you learn will allow you continue with your own MovNat training and dramatically improve your ability to perform in every aspect of your daily life. You will be startled by how much you learn.


The MovNat approach to trainingMovement efficiency principlesYou will learn techniques for efficiency and performance in: walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing and catching.How to continue your MovNat training in any environment.The basics of diet, routine, and lifestyle for a lasting fitness.


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Full details:

Cost: $360
Note: Tickets need to be bought via –

What's the difference of this workshop vs the half-day workshop?
This is a full-length 2-day workshop run by someone trained and employed by the movnat company. The half-day workshop, also listed here on this group, is run by someone who is trained by the movnat company but then working independently -Max

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