Movie night in Apopka, plus Paleo desserts!

OK, this is new territory for us, and should be lots of fun. 

Join us for a movie night at the home of Connie Smith-Mendez, whom you may have met at Saturday's intro to Lori's CrossFit gym. Bring your favorite Paleo dessert(s) and even drinks if you like. (Anyone who would like to meet for dinner at 5:45–6:00 should toss out ideas in the comments area for this event.)

Which movie do we see? It should be health-related, and preferably not your own DVDs of Marcus Welby, MD. We have a list at:

Whatever movies you have, bring them, and we'll decide on the spot.

Connie is also the DPA technician and owner of Nuggets for Health. She is offering discounted DPA (digital pulsewave analyzer) testing to the group. More details later.  

In the comments area, you might note what dessert you're bringing, so we can make sure we have all bases covered. See you there!





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