Mount Vernon Farm Tour

We would like to extend an invitation to the DC Meat Up group for a private tour of Mount Vernon Farm in Sperryville, VA on June 9 at 10:30 A.M.  Feel free to bring your entire families, but please leave your pets at home.  During our tour, we will lead you throughout our 830 acre farm to see all of our animals and explore their natural habitats.  You will have the opportunity to hear and see what we do on a daily basis and why we are doing it that way.  The tour should last roughly two hours as we will spend time with our cattle herd, Tamworth Pigs, and laying hens.  We'll have a potluck meal to follow, so please bring something to share.  We'll provide plates, napkins, silverware, and our dish to pass will most certainly be grown and raised on the farm. We raise and sell 100% Grassfed and finished beef and lamb as well as pastured, soy-free pork and eggs.  Our first grass finished beef of the season will have just come back from the abbatoir, so we will have a full selection of our beef cuts, roasts, and ground.

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