Monthly Paleo Potluck, Nov 2nd, 6:15pm



We'll meet on 2 evenings, at 2 locations:

1st Wednesdays, at Mouroux Chiropractic, San Jose

3rd Tuesdays, at my home, Cupertino


The Wednesday potluck will start Sept 7th.

The Tuesday potluck will start Oct 18th.

Both potlucks are free (see note about donations at the end of this announcement) 


Every 1st WEDNESDAY of the month

  (mark your calendars now!)

We'll meet at Brad Mouroux's chiropractic office in San Jose, on Prospect Road, near De Anza Blvd (where Saratoga, Cupertino and San Jose meet) … at: 

Smik-Mouroux Chiropractic

20445 Prospect Road, Suite 1

San Jose, CA 95129


Our host is Brad Mouroux, DC, who has a strong interest and understanding of the relationship between the food we eat and how it affects our bodies. He is board certified in chiropractic and is board certified in physiotherapy, is a certified professional Applied Kinesiologist, and has Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular Biology.


Every 3rd TUESDAY of the month

  (mark your calendars now!)

We'll meet at my home in Cupertino, near 280 and Foothill Blvd. I have a large meeting area: a ‘great room' with a 10-person kitchen and big dining room. Bring warm clothing and we can hang out in the backyard with a waterfall, creek and lots of space, complete with a small and loving cocker spaniel and his 2-dozen-some tennis balls.

22560 Poppy Drive

Cupertino, CA 95014 



These potlucks are open to anyone who is interested in:

learning more about a PALEOLITHIC diet connecting with others who are interested in health and wellbeing learning and sharing ideas and experience in food and cooking  health practitioners, professionals, athletes who want to support and connect with our community Please share this announcement with others. Dr. Brad will invite his patients, friends, associates, too.



6:15: arrival

6:30: introductions, eat, mingle 

7:30: guest speaker

8:30: goodbye hugs



Sept 7: ” The importance of a slow-carb diet,” by Brad Mouroux, DC. His discussion will include the importance of a low/slow carb diet as it enhances your immune system, decreases the stress on your body, balances your hormones and, keeps you feeling energized instead of tired and lethargic all day. In short how a Paleo Diet could change you life! See bio and website, above.

Oct 18: ” Why Paleo – why try it, should you adopt it?” by Steve Fowkes, neurobiochemist. Steve will share his insights to help you decide if Paleo is right for you. What constitutes “Paleo.” He will also talk about the problems of nonpaleo foods: milk, phytotoxins, grain allergies, and so much more.  Read blog posts about Steve here, scroll down to the post called “About Steve Fowkes” to see the links to his website and YouTube channel. 

Nov 15: ” Adapting Paleo to you, your lifestyle,” by Steve Fowkes and Joni Sare, Nutrition Educator and Therapeutic Chef. Our Palo discussion will continue as we talk about the various degrees of being Paleo… where do you draw the line? Will Paleo be 100%? 80%? 60% of your diet? …wild game only? no milk products? little to no processed foods? See link above for Steve's bio. Click here to read about Joni and for her food blog.

Future speakers TBA. If you would like to be a speaker, please contact me.



Please bring a paleo dish to share for 4 to 6 people, see details, below.

Please bring your own plate, flatware and cup. We will have dishes on hand, however, you bringing your own would really help out, in many ways. Thank you. Napkins and water will be provided.

Please bring the right serving utensils for the dish you bring.


Everyone brings a paleo dish that can serve 4 to 6 people, see guidelines, below. Everyone brings a list of the ingredients, you must indicate if the food is conventional or organic, see food guidelines, below. Best to write on a small paper (post-it is best).  We encourage you to get creative, make your own, bring a favorite dish from your favorite cook book, or blogger, or other. It can be hot, cold or raw (meat/fish dishes should be cooked, except for – see note about fish, below).  Need ideas? Feel free to write to me, the group.  

Guidelines for food/ingredients: 

Paleo food ideas – go online, here are a few of my favorite sites:  my food blog Melissa McEwen's food blog Loren's website    Produce – best (not mandatory) to use seasonal, local, organic, sustainable, biodynamic, fair trade (please avoid conventionally grown produce that are on the  Dirty Dozen  list, frozen foods on the Dirty Dozen list is okay).  Meats/fish – best (not mandatory) to use clean meats, fish, poultry: Free of anti-biotics, free of added hormones  100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, buffalo, lamb, pig, goat, etc Free-range chicken, duck, goose, etc Wild-caught fish,  please choose from this Seafood Watch list Eco-friendly farm-raised fish  (no conventional farm-raised fish, see below) Sushi is okay, if you make it yourself be sure it is sushi-grade fish (colored wasabi and soy sauce is prohibited) You'll get laaaaahotttssss of points for bringing a dish with: home-grown produce/meats line-caught fish, and better yet –  your own line-caught fish wild game, and better yet –  your own wild game Avoid – yes, these foods are  prohibited: highly processed foods (sugars, breads, breaded products, cheese, drinks, etc) foods with artificial dyes, artificial flavors  anything from fast-food joints: KFC, the taco places, the burger places, etc farm-raised grain-fed fish (note: there are some  eco-friendly farm-raised fish ) grains (wheat, rye, oats, etc) … pasta, breads, cakes (i.e. no grain products) genetically engineered food (GMOs) ( click here to see list of 10 foods ) most canned foods are prohibited (coconut milk is okay)  best to avoid conventionally grown produce, esp those on the  Dirty Dozen  list most pre-made condiments (such as salad dressings, BBQ sauces, soy sauce, spreads)  Okay – some processed foods are okay, yet keep them to a minimum – like:  milk (please choose organic, no added hormones, antibiotics) ice cream (please choose products with natural ingredients) yogurt (simple, natural is best, no flavored yogurts) The list, above, might change over time and could be very extensive, so, I'll stop here and if you have questions, just send me an email, or post it on the groups message board. 

SIMPLE IDEAS:  If you want/need to keep it simple, if you are new to the paleo diet – you can bring:    (be sure to follow the guidelines, above)

  trail mix (no chocolate pieces, chocolate nibs are okay) a pre-made meat dish or veggie dish (i.e. from Whole Foods) cut veggies w/dipping sauce (I encourage you to make your own Palo-friendly dip) salad w/dressing (be sure the dressing has natural ingredients) fruit (local, seasonal, organic is best)  


We'll celebrate  all the creations (both food and drink), and will give a special nod to:

the dish/drink that exceeds in flavor, texture and/or looks the dish/drink that exceeds in creativity (feel free to bring props, b/c creativity includes flavor, the process and the presentation) the person who stretched the most (we'll give a bow to the one(s) who went waaay outside their comfort zone) the most s i m p l e, yet tasty and creative dish/drink (this could be a single food item that came from your backyard) the dish/drink that falls under the ‘difficult' category (qualifiers for this category are too toooo many to name) the dish/drink that falls under the ‘most outrageous' category (qualifiers for this category are unknown to name) the dish/drink that _______. I'm sure – at the table – we'll come up with more special nods.  

REMEMBER to mark your calendars

Wednesdays, 6:15pm: Sept 7, Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7

Tuesdays, 6:15pm: Oct 18, Nov 22, Dec 20



I will put out a ‘donation jar' to help pay for the monthly MeetUp fee, this donation is optional and the amount you put in is totally up to you.  



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