Monthly Meet-Up: Q&A, round-table, recipes, etc.

We'll enjoy an hour or two of sharing some Paleo chat.  If you know anyone who's looking for more information on Paleo, please invite them to this FREE event.

The Paleo Parents are always looking for a group of people to talk about a cool PodCast they heard, an awesome article they read or simply gawk at how much their health has improved.  It's hard to find friends and family who don't look at you like you're insane – so we're hoping this forum can serve as not only an outlet for current or long-time followers of the Paleo lifestyle, but also as an information session for people curious and wanting to find out more.

A handout on some of the key points, terms and resources will be available at each meeting and yummy, convincing, wanna have more Paleo snack will be available for everyone!


We meet at Choices By Shawn because it's local to Matthew and Stacy (the Paleo Parents) and because Shawn's has a dedicated gluten-free kitchen.  Her food is superb and of the utmost quality while also offering dairy-free, vegetarian and other specialities.  The meeting is not in the main part of the restaurant, but in a private room in the back that Shawn has graciously offered to let us use.  Feel free to go early or stay late and grab a Paleo bite, or don't – it's up to you!


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