Monkeying around in Vic Park: CORE

We will gather at Victoria Park's jungle gym/playground for some mediocre to heavy strain level exercises. I will be overseeing the training and can help with any movements you want to train. Training itself can be as free as you want, or you can try a few obstacle courses and/or train specific moves like the human flag, handstand push-ups, levers etc. Everyone is welcome no matter what fitness level you have!

Much like the previous session, the focus will be on core training including the following moves: Frog stand and Tuck planche*, N-sit and L-sit*, leg lifts and rolling tuck crunches**, Planking moves such as the Mountain Climber, Twisted Mountain Climber, Planking Scorpion. As an addition we will be training a bit for either human flag, front lever, or back lever. You should feel the burn, that's pretty guaranteed.

* These are harder variations for the more advanced participants
** A variation which I either made myself, or just don't remember the real name for

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