Mission: Bear Mountain

Its time we put the MovNat techniques we've learned to the test!

Bear Mtn. is the proving grounds. We'll challenge ourselves in nature and utilize each of the twelve movements, including swimming in this day long adventure outside the city.

You should be prepared to move all day and cover around 8 miles of walking and running. This is not just a hike. You will challenge yourself!

What to Bring:

– Swim goggles

– Lunch and plenty of water in a backpack

– Weather appropriate gear

– Swim suit

– $24.50 for train fare

– MovNat skills!

When and Where to Meet:

8:30am at Grand Central Station Central Information Booth. We'll be taking the Metro North train departing at 8:47am, arriving at Manitou Station an hour later. The return is at 5:10pm and you'll be back in NYC before 6:30pm. Don't be late in the morning. The train leaves at 8:47 and its the LAST one.

Let me know if there are any questions.

Looking forward to it!!!

– Ret

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