Meetup in Williamstown

Despite the chilly weather, we Melbourne Paleo people are a hardy bunch – join me down in Williamstown for a picnic afternoon (as long as it's not actually raining of course!)

The meetup point is to the east of Fearon Reserve (which is a footy oval), between the ocean and the Botanic Gardens (garden side of the road). You can walk there from Williamstown Beach train station, get the 471 bus, or park nearby – note that all parking on the Esplanade is metered, but there's free parking on the side streets, or down the other end of the beach near the Surf Lifesaving Club.

Definitely bring:

– Yourself, your friends, family, dogs etc

– FOOD! Whilst there are public BBQs, I would recommend pre-made stuff because the ick factor could be pretty high

– Warm clothes including gloves, a beanie, a ski jacket… I walked down there on 21/7 and it was a gorgeous day but very very cold wind!

– Something to sit on, something to throw, whatever else you like to bring to picnics 🙂

If you like coffee there's a couple of places down there, but not a whole lot else so come fairly self-sustaining if you can. Even if not many people can come this time, I think this is an easy enough meetup to organise again and again – there's tons of space down there!

Any questions, chuck em in the comments, and keep an eye out for any updates (i.e. if it rains I will reschedule, as there's really no ‘wet weather' alternative down there!!)

Thanks everyone, I look forward to meeting you all!

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