Meet & Greet with Paleo Farmers: Raising livestock in the “WILD”

B&Y Farmers, Judy & Allan, are going to be talking to us about how they raise their animals in a way that mimics their wild boar ancestors. Topics include: sivi-culturing, raising, feeding, finishing, butchering, bulk orders, and more. We are having a meet and greet with B&Y Farmers. They are going to educate us on how they raise their animals (hogs, lambs, and chickens) in a way that mimics their wild ancestors. Since livestock has undergone hundreds of years of domesticating and breeding, most farm animals could not thrive in the wild. However, B&Y farmers, Allan & Judy go to great lengths raise animals with paleo, hunter-gatherer principles.  You can visit B&Y Farms on-line at


Please go to to RSVP.

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