Meet A Farmer: Mark Curtis of Golden Rule Meats

I have changed the topic a bit from Informal Gathering to an opportunity to meat a Missouri farmer that raises grass-fed beef, pork & chickens.  There will be a short presentation followed by some Q&A.  Still plenty of time for informal chatting & making some new Paleo/Primal friends.  

As always, The HotPot is kind enough to let us use their meeting space & only asks that we partake in some food and drinks.  Chef Greg usually has a Paleo special prepared for us on Thursday nights (and every Thursday night) which is priced around $10.  Smoothies, coffees, tea & Paleo friendly-treats are available as well.  

Can't wait to see all of you, it has been too long since we have gotten together.  Happy 2014! 

Golden Rule Meats

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