“May I be Frank” Dec 10th: A screening & Raw Food Event (with director & Frank)

A film screening, meet the film maker and raw food event.


First of all… a note from me, Joni, your organizer:

The Oakland Raw Food MeetUp group is hosting this event in Oakland. This is a prepaid event, so, I'm posting it here on our group for those who want to go, yet are not members of the Oakland group. This way, you can RSVP w/payment through our group. I'll collect the funds through my PayPal acct and will give a check to Darcy, the organizer of the Oakland group, the night of the event.

Here's the Oakland MeetUp group link if you want to join that group, sign up and pay there…..

Here's the info from the Oakland's calendar …

May I be Frank: A screening and Raw Food Event (with director and Frank)

Dec. 10th at 6:15 p.m.
2141 Broadway (19th Street BART station)
Oakland, CA 94612

Cost of admission is $10, prepayment is required.

Frank and the director Gregg Marks will be there to answer questions.

Ever since I first saw this film last year I have been trying to find a way to show it at our meetup. So it’s been a full year since I’ve been letting new members know we hope to have it.

“May I be Frank” is an inspiring film about how a man completely transformed his life in 42 days on raw food. It was created by chefs from Café Gratitude and one of them, Gregg Marks, and Frank will be on hand to answer questions about it. Yes Frank will be there too!

I’m so happy that we are able to show it because I’ve seen few films that document such a transformation, much less one that occurred through a raw food diet. Frank did so much more than simply kick the cooked food habit. He embarked on a new life’s journey with honesty and a willingness to confront all that stood between him and his possibilities. But the film is more than Frank’s story, it’s a story of the community that Café Gratitude was able to offer him and the unbelievable possibilities that are available to us all if we are as motivated to change as Frank evidently was. Obviously I can’t say enough about this movie and I hope everyone will come for it.

DINNER will be offered:
We are hosting this film in collaboration with Lisa Books William and her Vegetarian meetup in the Tri-Valley area. She will be offering a wonderful array of food possibilities at an affordable price.
Although the complete menu will be posted later, for now I can tell you that she will have:

a salad plate (a wonderful slaw and two other salads) and chips, dip
and a veggie plate (with kale chips, other chips and dips and/or pates).

$7 a piece


hibiscus/ berry drink for $1
and a cold soup offered at $2.


a chocolate one, which won best of raw food in SF. They will be $3 a piece.
and an alternative.

All of her treats come in eco-packaging- she can offer to-go boxes too if you want to take something home, or better yet bring your own container.

Tickets for the event are $10 a piece, and you will need to pay when you RSVP. You can buy food when you arrive.

Doors open at 6:15 to get food for the movie. And the movie will be shown at 7 p.m.
There will be a Q & A after the movie.

Movie lasts 90 min.
Q & A about 30 min.

Please let me know if you can bring a chair, that will reduce the expense of having to rent chairs.

I’m excited! I know this will be a great event.

Here are further instructions about finding the space. 2141 Broadway has an entrance with blue mosaic tiles around it. Go directly up the stairs and turn left into the room. (There is an elevator available from a different entrance on 22nd St. if anybody needs assistance). The location is just a block from BART….exit BART at 19th Street Station. That puts you right near the Paramount Theater and walk a block and a half up from there.

ONE MORE THING- It is advisable for all meetup events to go back to the site (the calendar listing) at least the day of the event to check to see if any changes have been made. This happens from time to time. I e-mail everyone but in case you miss something, I suggest you take a last look. (very rarely will any changes be made that last day)

Darcy, organizer for the Oakland Raw Food MeetUp group

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