Mastodon Supper Club: Featuring Mangalitsa pork from Debragga

Come feast like it's 10,003 BC on the Lower East Side. Bring some meaty mastodon ribs, fresh berries, marinated zucchini, or just a bottle of wine. Let me know when you sign up what you plan to bring.

Featuring braised Mangalitsa pork belly from Wooly Pigs via Debragga, New York's Butcher. Mangalitsa are a rare breed of pigs, also known as wooly pigs for their thick hairy coats. They are bred for their highly prized fat, unlike many American breeds that are selected for leanness. The result = fatty deliciousness!

Hunting pursuits will be discussed, meat will be feasted upon, and wine will be poured (but not too much since it is a work night after all).

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