March Meetup – Paleo Pot Luck Lunch

Bring a rug and a plate to share (if you wish) of paleo food and let's picnic outside the Botanical Cafe on the lawn. If you are standing on the lawn outside the cafe facing the main road we will be to the left under the trees (there is some bamboo near there too) up the hill slightly so we are not too close to the water for the smaller children.  Again if you have not met me hopefully you will be able to spot me with the pregnant belly! 🙂

Perhaps bring the recipe/list of ingrediants to put with your plate esp for those with allergies etc.

If it is raining we will try and move on to the Deck of the cafe for a coffee/drink.  Totally understand if you don't want to venture out in the rain we will have another meetup in April!

Let's bring some ideas for April meetup and any suggestions for presenters!

See you Sunday 11.30am!


Meet 11.30am – grab a name tag and introduce yourself

11.45am – General Business (sorry hopefully won't take long!)

– Nominations/Appointment of x2 co organisers to step up and help especially for next few months while I am off with baby

– Discussion on future funding of group

– April Meetup Date

– Any other general business

12pm- EAT 🙂 and have fun!

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