Make Your Fitness Functional! class and Pot Luck

Our friends at Crossfit Lumos in Southeast Austin have offered to provide and host a free exercise class and Paleo Potluck lunch exclusively for Austin Paleo Living! 

The class will be titled “Make Your Fitness Functional!” hosted by the gym's owner and highly experience and knowledgeable Professional Fitness Coach, Noah Abbott.

For more info on Noah, click here!

Here's the plan for the day!


The class will involve a warmup, skill practice, a conditioning workout, and a brief lecture from Coach Noah. We will use equipment available to most people (bodyweight, dumbbells, etc.) 

Participants will learn: 

** The difference between Training and Exercise **

** How to add potency and save time using safe, natural, and functional compound movements **

** The 4 basic movement patterns every human needs **

The class will run one hour (11am-12pm) and again, IT's FREE to just our group. It is suitable and scalable for all (adult) ages and ability levels. Just bring a water bottle, workout clothes, and good attitudes!

12pm – 2pm – PALEO POTLUCK 

AT 12PM, we will kickoff the paleo potluck portion of the day.  The gym has a large propane grill, ping-pong tables, a surround sound system, a large flat screen TV and three bathrooms with showers.

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