Make probiotic rich chutneys and dosa (one spot left)

Ok – some of you will likely think – dosa? What is that? Or that is not paleo….
Let me address the first part: Dosa are a crispy, savory crepe-like flatbread (but GLUTEN FREE) often described as a “pancake”. Because Dosa batter is lacto-fermented, there’s a nice “bite”, a sourbread back-of-the-throat “tang” that comes from lactic-acid formed during fermentation of the grains. The “tang“is from the lactic-acid created during fermentation, and like other acids, “cuts” the fat molecules in rich foods, so they don’t coat the tongue, restricting the other flavors.

What I love about dosas is that once the batter is made (soaked and fermented – which is easy to do) than the batter keeps all week in the fridge – and you can make one or several of these tasty wraps for a quick meal or snack. Since they have been lactofermented, there are practically predigested before you even eat them. So they are very easy on your tummy – even when you are feeling under the weather.

What you decide to wrap them up is up to you….I have crossed over many cuisines from the traditional Indian fillings to scrambled eggs with salsa to even tuna melts in them….they are very versatile as well as delicious.

Here's my take on the second part – is this Paleo? My take on Paleo is whole real foods that support your health. As far as an ancestral diet goes – coconut and other nut flours would not fit the bill…and yet that appears in many “Paleo” recipes. Legumes and Grains have the same antinutrients as nuts – primarily phytates – these are neutralized with proper soaking and fermenting…plus my recipe for dosa is practically predigested before you cook them so they are well tolerated for those with sensitive digestive systems. I use them as a carrier for nutrient dense fillings made of protein/fat/nonstarchy veggies….

So come explore and see how delicious dosa and chutneys can be in your health promoting lifestyle.

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This workshop is demo and hands-on – so come hungry!

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