“Lunch & Learn” at Snap Kitchen

I know we've already had a Paleo meetup at Snap Kitchen. But they have offered a special opportunity for our Gluten Free in Houston Meetup, which I wanted to share with ya'll. I'd be happy to see you there!

Snap Kitchen would like to host a “Lunch and Learn” opportunity for us at their Kirby location. Their registered dietitian, Stephanie Hoba, will guide us through Snap’s menu, covering any nutritional questions or topics we may have questions on. They will also provide some snacks and light bites. I requested paleo snacks, which is an option on many of their dishes, since that should cover most of our other food allergies.

As for cross-contamination safety, this is what they told me: “Snap Kitchen leaves little room for cross contamination. For example, the oatmeal used is certified gluten free, the pastas are brown rice pasta and the soy sauce is gluten free. The only items containing gluten (wraps) are made on a clean surface wrapped in thin plastic wrap which is thrown away after each use so that the wraps are never on a surface that will be used for another food item.”

I believe this is a very safe place for us to eat, and think this will be a fun event. I hope you can make it!

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