Lunch at Pine Twenty2 with a walk around Lake Eola

Meet at Panera, which, in this case, will be used as a meeting point for our walk to a Paleo-friendly downtown restaurant called Pine Twenty2 (Orlando Magazine review). They have delicious grass-fed burgers (no growth hormones or antibiotics) and sweet potato fries, as well as 300,000 lunch combinations. We'll walk from Panera to Pine Twenty2, feast, then hoof it back.

If you can't make it for the exercise part, but want to join us for the eating part, call Mark to get an idea as to when we'll arrive. If you'd like to do this by bike, instead of car/foot, GREAT, but note that bikes are not permitted in the park. If you drive straight there, you can park in a nearby garage (same side of the street) for 2.50 on Sunday, assuming you eat at the restaurant, and park for less than two hours.

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