LPG February Dinner – Meat People

This month we will be visiting the lovely Meat People restaurant in Islington. We thought the name rather apt for our crew of hardened carnivores. They have a great selection of steak and come highly recommended. 

Here's what they say about their restaurant:

“Meat People introduces to the neighbourhood an imaginative and creative menu with a variety of superb meat cuts which are exclusively sourced from around the world, and locally.   The key to our success is expressed in the use of top quality products and premium cuts, absolute consistency and the importance of the homemade touch.  Fresh ingredients, food cooked with love, combined with passion is what our dedicated team delivers and presents with every dish.”

You will find the menu here: http://www.meatpeople.co.uk/menu/4580217910

As usual we will be adding £2 to the final bill to cover our Meetup costs. Feel free to order what you like, we will be splitting the bill at the end. Anyone who we feel has ordered anything exceptionally more expensive than the rest of the group may be kindly asked to pay more.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Fran and Andreea

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