LPG April Dinner – Sunday Lunch at The Loosebox

Firstly, apologies for the lack of meetups last month. Life got in the way for both Andreea and I but we're back and have another great meal lined up for you. 

The Loosebox has a great selection of Sunday Roasts, we've spoken to them already and they know that we will be swapping our Yorkshire Puddings for extra veggies. Based in Westminster, it can be accessed from Westminster, St. James’s Park, Victoria or Pimlico stations. Check out The Loosebox here: www.theloosebox.co.uk/

One final thing, Andreea and I are keen to get more people involved in organising meetups. We all have busy lives and the more people involved the more we can grow the community. If you are interested in helping us grow LPG then please drop either one of us an e-mail and we'll organise a gathering to plan. 


Fran and Andreea

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