Local Food Potluck

See http://www.sustainabl… . It's hosted by SFC, who are responsible for several of the farmers' markets here in Austin.

I'm going just so I can grill “locavores” who bring grain-based dishes about the sustainability of grain agriculture, and which Texas forest-fire they got their grain seeds from.

Just kidding… About the grilling part. Instead, I actually plan on roasting them. No–I mean, smoking them. Gah that's not right either. I will… marinate them in intellectual conversation? Close enough. (As an aside, it's kind of cool how the meat preparation analogy holds pretty well for the notion of laying the smackdown on someone. I will fry them! I will sear them! And I will… jerk them! … ok, not entirely perfect, actually… nevermind)

Ok seriously, I'm just going to go to meet some local locavores and spread the paleo love. You're welcome to join! If you RSVP before Thursday, I will pass along our combined RSVP to Joshua on Friday morning.

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