Lets talk 2014-15

HI folks,

 Is the cold of our traditional winter going to turn you away from getting together for some chow and chat?

Lets talk on January 4th. How about Allen's (143 Danforth, east of Broadview, tel:[masked]) as a starting point. It is close to the Broadview subway station. Allen's, just west of Broadview has live Celtic and East Coast music every Tuesday and Saturday evening which draws a crowd that sometimes threatens to break the floor joists with stomping. We can decide where to go from there. I was thinking of the Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse. 95 Danforth Ave Toronto, Ontario M4K 1N2 Phone:[masked] or elsewhere.

So what do we do for 2014?

January 4th, is a day we can sit together and informally plan the year ahead. It's an event in the FB group Paleo Toronto (an old and healthy lifestyle).

A winter ski event is being looked at.

Crossfit-Pickering has doubled its size and there is a possibility of an invitation to a trial workout at the gym, maybe even followed up with a potluck.

Trade shows are usually held in the spring. As a community we should target the ones we will have tables and events around and gather volunteers, and the Paleo businesses which could benefit from this exposure. Professional banners, leaflets, and such, promoting people and businesses in our Paleo community should be a reality. Volunteers who have experience with this should come forward. Having access to professionally printed materials and reasonable prices would also help. Who wants in on this? I love trade shows.

There are many successful urban gardening projects. Let’s look closely at some of them this year. Who wants to work on this event/s project?

One day events with Paleo scientists, farmers, Naturopathic Doctors, nutritionists, Canadian M.D.s, gym owners, chefs, athletes, weight loss clinics, massage therapy, etc… can happen in 2014. Let’s do it! Who wants to see any one of these in 2014?

There may be a one day winter visit to a bison farm and informal discussion with a bison farmer possibly over a hot meal. Such events should take place routinely, and certainly annually as the Paleo community is looked at as a community which strives for 100% grass-fed, pastured and certified organic farming. Many farmers want this business model to succeed and want customers who can pitch the benefits of such farms, the products, and bringing long term customers to their farms and products. That’s you and me folks!

There will be the second Summer Muskoka weekend in August. Someone has offered the use of a second cottage in the area. The events are getting bigger and better.

There is talk of a Paleo weekend while exploring biodynamic farming in the Collingwood area. More on this event to come shortly.

Many of us love the informality of a potluck and the cornucopia of fabulous food and friendships to be made. An even dozen potlucks for the year would be great. Who wants to plan one for 2014?

Toronto is the meeting place! Canoeing some of the tributaries to Lake Ontario. The city is intersected by three rivers and numerous tributaries: the Humber River in the west end and the Don River east of downtown at opposite ends of the Toronto Harbour, and the Rouge River at the city's eastern limits. Each is a very strong possibility with outdoor paleo potlucks naturally occurring. The Humber and Rouge are serviced by an Adventure canoeing business for canoe rentals.

Is it time for a huge Paleo Fundraiser Ball for Paleo Toronto? I would certainly wish we could have one or some. Remember 2015 is the year of the Pan Am Games. Paleo Toronto could gain a world stage and spotlight opportunity like never before, around research, farming, fitness and nutrition. Exposure to all our businesses, products, speakers and the Paleo thesis will have a world stage. Let’s think of this in 2014.

Many of you have ideas for events as well. Please consider having them under the Paleo Toronto community banner. You will be building your own paleo community.

Lets fill the calendar up by the end of January if we can.

The crest of the Paleo movement is just about upon us. That means any number of opportunities to make our Canadian society a better place, including the elimination of dietary related diseases, and sustainable agriculture.

Have a great holiday season everyone. See you healthy and energetic for an awesome 2014.

Yours sincerely,

Glenn Lalonde

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