Lets start the new year with a new meetup.

I am super keen on organizing a meetup in the first couple of weeks of January 2017.
From previous meetups I know that BBQ's are popular choices for members, so with that in mind i would like to suggest a traditional BBQ-with a twist; how about a modern Paleo inspired workout with a BBQ at the end?
Now I don't mean a workout in the traditional sense, but more something along the lines of a cross country, obstacle course trek. I would be more than happy to run this, as I have many years experience in Parkour/Movnat/Natural Movement and have run a Tough Mudder a Spartan Beast and this years City 2 Surf, barefoot. It will only be a short, hour long activity and I will take into consideration the differing fitness levels of people, while planning it. We would finish up at a BBQ area, where other people who didn't what to train, could join us for a Paleo BBQ. We could do this at Bondi Beach, Centennial Park or Sydney Park in Newtown.
So, who is tentatively or definitely interested?

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