Let’s meetup and talk about Paleo for beginners – Paleo 101

A number of people have asked for info on Paleo, for meeting with others who have been paleo for a while, having potlucks, swapping recipes, and chatting about how to make Paleo work in their family.
We can roll all of these together in a potluck event.
A paleo potluck is an informal affair, where people bring an item of food for others to sample (ie a salad, fish dish, steak, dessert or whatever).
Hundreds of thousands of combinations can be made with meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts, herbs and spices.
What we have to be mindful of is the allergies and problematic foods for people. To assist with this people are asked to write down the ingredients in their dish (the recipe), so people can steer clear of problematic foods and/or have a recipe for a fabulous dish.
1) Please list three things you would like to talk about.
2) Please bring your $2.00 event fee.
3) Please let the participants know what dish you will be bringing.
4) Please RSVP only if you are sure you will be attending.

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