Lapa Brazillian BBQ Meat & Meet

The earliest we're able to get in to Lapa Subiaco is Friday Aug 2nd. Can't wait to see some familiar and new faces!


Meal Selection: Lapa will only do the endless feast for a booking of this size. So we won't be able to order individual meals from the menu.

No Split Bill: They will not split the bill for us. The endless feast is $49 per person, so please bring the correct amount in cash.



$25 Deposit: It seems that Lapa will charge us $49 per no-show, so to ensure that those who've RSVP'ed do show up, it's best if we collect a $25 deposit, to be returned in person at Lapa on Friday night. If the deposit isn't received by Wednesday noon, we'll have to remove you from the list, since Lapa require confirmation of final numbers. Note that if you've RSVP'ed YES, you should have received an email from me with bank details.

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