Kayaking and movement day trip in Cold Spring

Where: Hudson River Expeditions in Cold Spring, NY

We'll be taking “a beautiful paddle through the protected waters of Constitution Marsh with a stunning waterfall destination. The journey through the sanctuary of Audubon Society's Constitution Marsh is a relaxing roam through aisles of tall grasses with numerous opportunities to view local wildlife. At the destination, we'll relax in shaded areas around the secluded freshwater waterfall that spills into a small wading pool, an ideal location to cool off, enjoy some refreshments, and step back from any daily stress.” Afterward, we'll stop for a bite to eat in the area before heading back. 🙂 

Cost: $63 for the rentals + any additional costs to chip in for gas or trains to get there. We'll also stop for food!

RSVP: Please confirm your attendance using the form below. RSVP by 10/15 so we can sort out the logistics of transportation and reserve the kayaks. 

Register at the link below: 


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