Join us at a fermentation themed dinner & drinks + workshop

Aurum Restaurant & Boston Ferments are teaming up for a night of fermentation on Monday, October 27th! The workshop will include a fermented dinner & paired fermented drinks, a short lecture on the history & culture of fermentation, and a hands-on fermentation demo. The evening kicks off with a fermentation-inspired vegetarian kimchi Syrian pie (which can be vegan) plus a selection of sides like house-made beet chips. We are pairing this meal with 3 unique fermented drinks: a fermented tea kombucha from Katalyst Kombucha, a Green River Ambrosia mead, and a fermented beet kvass served in handmade ceramic (which you will take home!) by workshop leader Jeremy Ogusky.

Next, we will have a short lecture & discussion on the biological, political, and symbolic ‘culture' of fermented foods around the world with Jeremy Ogusky. Jeremy is a local fermenting enthusiast, JP studio potter, and founder of Boston Ferments. We will then learn to make one of the simplest lacto-fermented treats – sauerkraut! We will break into groups, chop veggies and everyone will go home with a jar full of fermenting cabbage.

All participants will finish the workshop with a healthy belly full of fermented foods as well as the knowledge & confidence to begin fermenting in their kitchen, and a jar full of fermenting kraut. This starter class will cover everything you need to start fermenting on your own: philosopy, preparation and problem-solving. Please join us!

Get your tickets at and RSVP on facebook at

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