Intro To Flow

When: Sundays July 14th – Aug. 4th @ 1PM.

Where: True Nature Training: 8222 N Lamar Austin TX Ste. F51-54

Cost: Donation. Please consider making a donation of $5-$10. If you can not afford to pay you are still welcome to come.

Bring: Yoga mat, water, comfortable clothes.


This series will introduce you to the fundamentals of a movement based yoga practice suitable for active beginners. We will focus on safe postural alignment, and moving mindfully connected to the breath to create a sense of flowing. Be prepared to sweat and flow through both classic and creative sequences.

The practice is intended to challenge you, but not exhaust you. In the first two classes we will workshop postures breaking down the intent and alignment. We will practice the classic Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar A & B) sequences numerous times to develop confidence in the movement. The last two classes will focus on taking our mindful practice into creative sequences that will challenge your balance, strength, and concentration.

Yoga is the practice that supports everything else I do. It is how I “work in” or actively recover from the wear and tear an active lifestyle produces. The benefit of a consistent yoga practice is the development of a mindful awareness of your physical, emotional, and energetic self which will reveal your full potential.

See you on the mat!
OM Shanti

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