Intro To Flow Yoga

Intro to Flow Yoga

When: Sunday May 5th @ 11AM – 12:30PM
This is a 6 week workshop that will continue every Sunday ending on June 9th. If you rsvp please try to commit to the entire workshop. Space is limited.

Cost: Free. If you feel inspired to make a donation please do so to True Nature Training. They are very kind to allow us this space to practice.

Where: True Nature Training
8222 North Lamar Blvd, Austin TX 78753

Bring: Yoga mat. We will practice on cement so I strongly recommend you purchase a mat if you do not own one. You can find a cheap mat almost anywhere these days. However, if you are even casually interested in yoga I recommend investing in a high quality mat like a Manduka Black Mat Pro:

I have owned this mat for 10 years and it’s still in excellent condition. It will last a life time with care. Plus yoga mats are very versatile.

Yoga strap: This is an inexpensive prop that will support your practice in a variety of ways. You can find these for about $15 at YogaYoga. A 8ft rope or belt will also work.

Description: This is a six week workshop dedicated to introducing beginners to a flow yoga practice. We will start with the very basics to build a solid foundation and progress towards creating individual flows. It is my aim to provide you with the tools to develop and maintain your own personal yoga practice.

It is my belief that everyone should have a yoga practice because yoga will support you in everything else you do in life. Your ambitions will require you to burn energy. Yoga is a skill to cultivate and restore that energy.

Flow yoga is simply hatha yoga with a focus on movement and transitioning between postures directed by the breath. Flowing happens when the breath and movement become yoked in perfect union. Then the practice will feel like a dance with your own soul.

This is only my expression of the art. Yoga is infinite.

All are welcome. If you are thinking to yourself, “Oh I’d like to go but I should not because of _________”. You are exactly who should come. Please do ;).


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