Holiday Potluck and Cookie Exchange

We hope you've recovered from your Halloween celebrations, of which we were happy to celebrate with so many of you – healthy style!

I can't believe it's already time to start thinking about the holidays, but since I've had quite a few people ask me already – clearly it's time!

This event is for a paleo(ish) holiday celebration. Whereby we all bring traditional holidays foods, paleoized, and celebrate being healthy and happy together. Make sure the dish is simply grain, dairy, legume and refined-sugar free. If you use butter or cream, just let people know. If you use anything from a box or bottle, please check labels to make sure they're also compliant – soy sauce can sneak in easily! Please RSVP with what dish you're bringing so we are able to get a good variety!

Additionally, we are making this an optional “cookie exchange”. That means for each person that signs up for the exchange, you make them a treat (cookies, candy, bars, brownies, tarts, etc). I think a dozen per person is more than enough – because if 8 people sign up that's a LOT of sweets (72!). The good news is, you can freeze them and have paleo(ish) treats all year long! It also gives you a reason to try new things! If you've got nut allergies, however, this might not be the best choice – since a lot of people will be using almond flour. The only rules on the treat exchange: grain, dairy, legume and refined-sugar free. Make sure you have info on where the recipe came from, so that someone who is gifted them in the exchange can make them again if they like them!

We'd be happy to have someone else host at their home – please let us know if you're willing! Otherwise, as usual our home is kid-friendly and families are welcome 🙂 We'll cook a protein of some kind – and of course participate in the treat exchange.

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