Hike and Picnic

The Lewis and Clark Trail is a highly-rated, scenic trail in St. Charles County, not far from the Boone Bridge. We can choose the 5.3-mile Clark trail or the longer 8-mile Lewis trail. Please discuss below if you think we should picnic midway through the hike or wait to the end and eat back at the trailhead. 

Check out the trail here: http://www.motrekkers.com/2009/09/lewis-clark-trails-weldon-spring.html

and Here: http://www.localhikes.com/Hikes/WeldonSprings_ClarkTr_7040.asp


Addendum (May 30, 2011)

Gary and I hiked the Clark trail this past weekend. I'd hiked it before but it's been several years. This is a GREAT trail. Well marked, medium difficulty. Looks like it is ordinarily maintained but with the recent storms there were several trees that blocked the trail throughout.  These were actually quite welcome obstacles for us (at one I actually used the grok crawl to go under while Gary climbed over). There was a lot of mud to avoid as well, but this may not be an issue a week later. 

I do not recommend picnicking in the middle of the hike. It was hot and there were several rather steep hills I would be uncomfortable climbing if my stomach were full. Also, there are no picnic tables at the trail head (did somebody say “tailgate!”).

The trail head is easy to find off 94 south of 40/61. About one or two miles down and on the left there is a gravel parking lot visible as you approach with a sign that says “Weldon Springs Hiking Area” or similar. Enter the trail and proceed counter-clockwise. If you come to a fork in the trail and there's no indication which way to go just remember to keep counter-clockwise lol.





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