Herb’n Retreat

As life gets busier, it gets harder for many to find time to look deeper into their souls and figure out what really makes them happy. With her Herb'n Retreat workshop, Lisa is here to help. Join us for a three-hour session of herb, yoga, meditation, and more: http://bit.ly/LFNHerb

What if the meaning of life was to be happy? In our ever-changing society, we sometimes find difficulty finding time to nourish our soul, connect with the earth and our tribe. When we prioritize this need, we are happier and our families benefit. The universe needs us to bring our best self to life. Each and every one of us has unique gifts and we owe it to the world to nurture them and share them. Sometimes this means letting go of old habits that no longer serve us. Many times, it's those old patterns that could be holding us back. These retreats are meant to lovingly caress your true self to the surface, to play and feel joy right in our own back yard.

I'm thrilled to introduce Sunday Herb’n Retreats! This is a three-hour retreat including yoga, meditation, journal, snack/tea, word collage, beauty or other home remedy! New herbs/spices will be introduced every month. The purpose of these retreats is to nourish the soul, reconnect with ourselves and our community and to have a great time doing it!

Each Herb’n Retreat will focus on a particular herb. For May, it’s rosemary. It's common and extremely useful.

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