Health of the Land, Health of the People

The Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand/Te Kauwhata Tūhauora o Aotearoa is excited to announce the dates for their second ancestral health conference to be held in Wanaka on Labour Weekend 2014, at Edgewater Resort.

Following the success of our first event in Christchurch earlier this year we are quickly gathering momentum to create yet another empowering day filed with knowledge and education, all in celebration of the ancestral health movement.

If you are interested in understanding human health and wellness from an evolutionary perspective, then this is a must attend event.

Your health, and our collective health as a society, is a big deal. Life today is much different than that of our ancestors, from our daily lives to the environment we exist in. The world we live in has evolved but our genes have remained largely unchanged. What impact does this have on our health? And what impact do our changing lifestyles and habits have on our land? Is life as we know it now sustainable, for the land and the people?

Attending this conference is an opportunity to learn how you can take control of your health, the health of the society you live in, and sustainably care for the land that nourishes you. With a focus on environment issues, sustainable practice, health challenges and evolutionary science and nutrition, this day is sure to nourish you inside and out.

Wanaka is the perfect location for this event, with the conference being held on the very edge of Lake Wanaka at Edgewater Resort. We anticipate attracting a large number of ancestral health enthusiasts, from all over the country, and encourage you to secure your spot early.


Holistic Health: What Can Modern Medicine Learn from Our Ancestors? by Dr Anastasia Boulais, Medical Doctor, Christchurch

Health of the Land, Health of the People by John McRae, Organic Farmer, Wanaka

Biophilia: It's in Our Nature by James Murphy, Nutritionist, Christchurch

Rejecting Reductionism: Ancestral Health, Circadian Rhythms and Psychiatry by Dr Greg Brown, Medical Doctor, Wellington

Nourishing Your Gut Microbiome for Optimal Health by Kate Callaghan, Nutritionist, Wanaka

JFK, Cinderella and the Maasai: Connecting Tissue, Health and Movement by Matthew Stewart, Osteopath, Sydney

Body Mass, Public Perceptions and the Psycho-sociology of the Endurance Athlete by Dr Andrew Dickson, Organisational Sociologist, Massey

Using Ancestral Health Principles to Guide the Training of Endurance Athletes by Jamie Scott, Health Researcher, Christchurch

ANCESTRAL MOVEMENT WORKSHOP by Max Bell, Aaron Callaghan and James Murphy


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