Health By Habits Workshop 2 – Food & Fitness

Join us in our mission to transform Chicago into one of the healthiest cities in the US! These monthly workshops will educate and spread awareness about health – each focusing on a different healthy habit out of the following 8:

Food, Fitness, Family/Relationships, Skincare, Stress-Management, Sun, Sex, Sleep

This workshop will be our 2nd one – focusing on the healthy habits of food and fitness:

Workshops will be held every second Tuesday of each month. Join us on September 9th where we'll be focusing on healthy habits of food and fitness, how they go hand-in-hand, and how to stay healthy and fit in stressful jobs and in fast-paces, convenience-based Chicago!

Make sure to RSVP on here or on – open to everyone so spread the word!

Click here for RSVP Link

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