Have Some Fun at GatSplat!

Paintball is the ideal activity for people who always enjoyed art class but thought it needed more tactical strategy. Let's study the art of war together!
From their website:
“GatSplat is the only Indoor Paintball Field in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We cater to the beginner paintball player. You need to check out our all indoor, air conditioned, Astro Turf floored paintball facility.

We even have kid friendly 50 Caliber paintball guns. 50 caliber paintball guns are lighter, and shoot a smaller and lighter paintball that doesn't sting as much. And since we are an indoor air conditioned field, you can also wear more clothing and padding while playing paintball to make it sting even less. It's the reason that we have been the host to hundreds of paintball birthday parties for kids as young as 6, 7 and 8.”

Here's a coupon for $15! http://www.vantora.com/gatsplat/GatSplat-Coupon-Discount-Deal.asp

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