Hang out for a coffee!

Hi everyone! 

I thought recently that it would be nice to organise a coffee gathering to try get the ball rolling with more regular/casual meet ups (seeing as that's the name of this website). So here's the first of hopefully many future invites. If this time/date doesn't work for most, I may make some slight adjustments to accomodate as many as possible.

There will not be any topic or agenda, this will be a chance to meet some new people, catch up with people you may have met previously, listen to some stories, people's experiences, make some connections and anything else that comes to mind. If you want to have some brunch seeing as it's at 10:30 then that's obviously not an issue. Note the change to Joes garage. Apologies for the late change! If anyone needs to get hold of me for any reason my number is[masked].

Look forward to catching up with most if not all of you 🙂



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