Gut-Healing Soup & Bread Comfort Dinner Cooking Class

Everyone loves a simple comfort food dinner of soup and bread, but how do you make it when it needs to be free of gluten, grains, beans, eggs, nuts, nightshades and/or dairy?

We kick off the season with a simple meal featuring the essential nutrients present in bone broth, gelatin and liver. Plus two amazing bread substitutes to solve your longing for bread. Yes, it's possible! 

We'll make:

• Beef Liver, Fig and Bacon Pate 

• Chicken and (Faux) Rice Soup

• Grain-free Flat Bread — Two Versions

• Gut-healing Fruit Gummies

This is a hands-on cooking class that includes sit-down dinner and printed recipes to take home.  There are 10 spots. Session is $95. 

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About Recovery from Autoimmune and Digestive Illness Starts in the Kitchen 

In this hands-on cooking classes series we address the needs of those recovering from intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut) to overcome autoimmune and digestive illness by using an integrative and functional approach:

* Maximizing nutrient density and availability
* Minimizing digestive stress and autoimmune reactions
* Substituting ingredients for allergies and intolerances
* Simplifying meal preparation and adapting recipes 
* Planning menus and batch cooking

We work with the freshest, local and/or organic, highest quality ingredients available. Menus are generally free of dairy, grains, beans, eggs and nightshades. Some seeds and/or nuts, as well as ghee might be used.

Please note that although all the menus are 100% free of gluten, the space is not deglutenized.

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