Group Paleo Challenge

If you are waiting for the right time to get started on “this paleo thing”, your opportunity has arrived.

The ReBorn Paleo Challenge is a great way for paleo newcomers to

*learn the ropes of paleo eating
*learn about other aspects of the paleo lifestyle, beyond just food
*get connected with paleo veterans here in St. Louis

It is great for paleo veterans to

*recommit to clean paleo eating
*meet and interact with other paleo eaters from the area
*connect with paleo newcomers and help them out on their journey

No matter where you are in your paleo journey, this program is a fantastic way to jump on board the paleo lifestyle.

This is the second iteration of the ReBorn Paleo Challenge and was developed from the experiences and suggestions of our brave past Challengers. So what is included? A LOT. Go to to see the full description of all the components of the Challenge.

*Members of PLSTL get 25% for each referral they bring, up to 75% off.
*Members of PLSTL get a free grocery store field trip (3 stores, lasting about 2 hours, a $60 value).

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