Groks go rock climbing! (and then dinner at Chin Chins)

Let's get our primal groove on at the Hardrock Climbing Company for a bit of functional strength conditioning in a fun environment!

I have not made a booking yet as they wont take a booking for less than 10 people and if only 8 show up on the day – then we still get charged for 10. Considering only 5 people expressed interest, I will not make a booking unless we get 10 people RSVP.

Please dont RSVP unless you are serious about coming – I am going to set some guidelines for RVSPing and letting me know in advance if you cant make it to meet ups.

If there are only about 5 of us attending – we should be able to turn up without a booking but it will cost more ($30 for less than 10 and $19 for groups of 10 +)

If you want to skip the rock climbing and just meet us for dinner afterwards, thats fine too….just let me know.

If we finish around 5pm, then we could head to Chin Chins for an early dinner.

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