Google Hangout about women’s hormones

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It can be frustrating at times to get our physicians to address the health problems that have been bugging us, especially hormonal problems. For this Hangout, we will discuss:
1. How to communicate with your family physician so they understand what you need, and so you understand (the limitations of) what they are able to provide.
2. Your options with resolving your hormonal issues with various practitioners. 3. The mechanisms and root causes of common hormonal problems.
3. Common lab tests at subclinical and clinical levels that may be helpful to us. 4. Once you have the test results, what to do about them.

There will be a live Q&A afterwards, or you can send me questions, too.

I am Natcha Maithai, scientist, holistic nutritionist, fitness coach and health detective. I've passionately become like this because of my own health issues and my natural attraction to solving difficult problems. I am also super passionate about sharing what I know to help women (especially ones who lift) who struggle with similar problems.

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