Gold Coast: The Healthy Swap with Ivy and Leah

The Healthy Swap

It's the start of a brand new year and many of us want to detox, reset our bodies and start afresh after a hectic and indulgent summer. But in a time filled with conflicting dietary advice it’s difficult to figure out exactly what healthy eating means. How can you apply healthy principles slowly without deprivation, and be in it for the long-haul? Meet Leah and Ivy, two women who both turned their health around by choosing to eat real food. No gimmicks, no crazy restrictions, just proper, nourishing food:
“We want to give you the best tip on how to take small but efficient steps towards cleaner, more wholesome eating without ever feeling deprived. We both walk the walk and talk the talk and we have done so for years. Eating real, nourishing foods gave us a new zest for life, increased energy, glowing skin, stable moods, slimmer waist-lines and most importantly; confirmed that food can be the solution to far more than you expect.”

In this presentation Leah and Ivy will share with you:

 • Their own health journeys

• The greatest challenges and how they overcame them

• How to gently introduce exercise

• Their top healthy swap-tips: how and with what to replace the most common cravings with healthier real-food alternatives

 • Delicious samples of their healthier alternative foods and drinks

About Leah Williamson: Leah is the Founder of the Brisbane Paleo Group and Nourishing Conversations. After loosing 30kg following the Paleo template and regaining her zest for life, Leah decided to help start a community of like-minded people interested in eating real food. Leah is passionate about community and runs events to motivate and educate people that eating real food is not difficult. Leah believes that it isn't hard to source information about eating real food with technology today but it is the interactions and conversations that you have with other like-minded people that really sets people up for success.

About Ivy Thompson: Ivy, a busy mother of 3, runs ‘Paleo in Melbourne’; a popular online hub, blog and event-network that promotes products and services to support a nourishing real food lifestyle. She runs cooking-workshops and events both locally and interstate. She started the business in 2011 to document her own lifestyle changes since becoming a ‘clean-food foodie’. She believes in healthy, unprocessed foods that support the amazing machine our bodies are and knows first-hand how it can change your life. She went from illness and despair to health and happiness. She loves to inspire and motivate people to live a healthier and more wholesome life; as she likes to say: “If I can do it, anyone can!”.

Early bird tickets are $35

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