“GMO OMG” Movie at SIFF

To the “yes” RSVP's…..Some additional info about Friday night's SIFF movie.  Online sales of tickets are SOLD OUT.  The website states that a few tickets may be available at the theater right before the movie.  One member had luck calling in on Wednesday and purchasing a ticket by phone.  That number is[masked]….worth a try.  Also, some of the earlier ticket purchases listed two different locations for this  movie.  I called SIFF and was told the movie will be shown at the SIFF Film Center at 305 Harrison St. Seattle, WA 98109.  Info here http://www.siff.net/siff-film-center-x1027

The film starts at 7:30.  We'll meet inside the lobby at 7 p.m.  My profile picture is current…and I'll be wearing a skirt and brown leather boots.  If you don’t see me in the lobby right at 7 p.m., hang out (and talk to each other…look for the other ppl who seem to be looking for someone!) as I will be picking up a free parking pass as soon as the box office opens (sounds like that’s at 7 p.m.) and will need to run it back to my car.  Sixty free passes are available each day.  Info is on the link above.  **We will head into the theater at about 7:10.**  If you miss the group, sit solo and join us at T.S. McHughs afterwards for drinks and discussion!

T.S. McHughs is just west of the theater at 21 Mercer St  Seattle, WA 98109  http://tsmchughs.com/ We will be there about 9 p.m.  Even if you didn’t get into the movie and are interested in this topic, please join us at T.S. McHugh's….just look for the large group deep in discussion  

Finally, please update your RSVP if you will not be joining us for the movie, so I have somewhat of an idea of who I should be looking for.  I hope the rest of you will get to another viewing of the movie, if you missed out on this one, as it’s showing through October 3rd.  This movie generated a lot of interest, especially via one of the other MU groups, and tickets went fast, so perhaps someone else wants to host another event in the coming week to see the movie with the ppl who didn’t nab a ticket in time for this showing.

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