Get Fermented! Fermentation Workshop and Demonstration

The Last Organic Outpost is hosting a fermentation workshop and demo.

Come have all of your fermentation questions answered as Amy Robison, Co-Leader of the Houston-Galveston Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and Ali Miller RD, LD, CDE from Naturally Nourished walk you through everything Fermented at the Last Organic Outpost. The workshop includes the history of fermentation, which dates back thousands of years, the health benefits of including fermented foods in your diet, and much more. You'll be able to try fermented foods and beverages as well as learn how to get started fermenting at home.

Some things to remember:
Summer in Houston is a HOT time. Bring WATER.

While there is plenty of shade to be found, a lot of growing beds are in full sun, so a hat is a good idea too.

If you have camp chairs, consider bringing them for the presentation.

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