Geocaching Picnic

Hey folks,

Since there was so much interest in Geocaching at our last get-together, here's my idea for the next one.

Bell's Rapids is a beautiful spot in the Swan Valley where there are some great tracks, wildflowers and (at this time of year anyway) awesome white water. There's also a bunch of caches up there that we can hunt for.

So let's get together at 10am on Sunday 20th November at the main carpark at the top of Cathedral Ave. 

Pete and I will bring the GPS, you bring along any little goodies that you want to exchange at any caches we find.

If you want to create your own account and start logging your own finds, you can do so at (Pete are I are ‘The Spuids'). 

I think it would be easier if we all bring our own packed lunches and we can cop a squat wherever we find a good spot for lunch.

There are some fairly steep pieces of terrain and the track is fairly long so this would have to be an adults only affair.

I hope to see some familiar and some new faces.

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