Galeh Razin Information Session

Octavia and I (Erik) are assisting a spiritual teacher from Mexico to bring to the US what she’s learned from traveling and studying with world masters for 15 years. In these studies, Belinda has discovered a powerful attunement and developed an essential set of tools that enhances and amplifies your current spiritual practices, healing modality and services, as well as increasing success in the rest of your life.

On Thursday night, we'll hold an information session at the PaleoFX offices. There's no cost to this event. You'll be able to learn about Galeh Razin, experience some of the healing and energy attunement protocols, and ask questions of Belinda and Oscar.

What follows is Information on the workshop that's being held this weekend:

The Galeh Razin workshop begins Friday evening (5:30pm-9:30pm on January 8th) and runs through the weekend (9:30am-7pm Saturday and Sunday). The workshop starts with performing an ancestral ceremony from ancient Egypt, dating back more than 5000 years. The ceremony is supported and sustained by the grace of subtle beings in profound love. These Angels raise the vibration of the space and create conditions for the transfer of the darshan (divine energy) which will produce a new awakening of consciousness in each participant. From this blessing, all students will begin to experience a feeling of happiness, peace and joy which gives comfort, trust, and a sense that they have known all the other participants for many years even though it is the first time they are meeting. From these blessings that they have received, the participant will gain the capability to use the following techniques which they will learn over the course of the class:

(1) Technique for the development of intuition
(2) Energy healing through Galeh Razin
(3) Technique for Interdimensional healing with Galeh Razin
(4) Technique for the formation of the powerful etheric shield
(5) Technique for the formation of the Astral shield.
(6) Technique of meditation for rectification and harmonization of the DNA code
(7) Technique for the triad meditation works through Galeh Razin
(8) Technique for reconnection with Gaia
(9) Galeh Razin problem-solving technique
(10) Technique for healing from the four lower vehicles
(11) Delivery of sustainment mantras
(12) Ceremony of the ancestors

This session opens the 2nd to 7th chakras as well as the chakras of the hands and feet. In addition to the delivery and realization of the darsham from the first ceremony, body and sub-body consciousness is also given to the participant, since they are all interconnected and since understanding the interconnectedness is crucial for one’s development. We do the ceremony for the ancestors which helps us to release the karma of our lineage, we do the ceremony for aligning the plexuses, and we also perform the ceremony to awaken the Warrior of Light. We explain the 7 universal laws so we can apply them in our daily lives. We teach about the 3 conditions that generate pain and sorrow to all human beings and learn how to avoid them. We tell the story of the origin of the Big bang through the development of the first 7 children of God or Buddha-Dhyana energies. In addition we facilitate connection with the subtle worlds, while providing protection against psychic pollution and negative witchcraft.

Benefits of participating in the Level 1 Galeh Razin course: By the end of this first integration course, the participant will have increased the effectiveness in their life activities and spiritual services by 7 times. For example, if the participant has a healing modality, the effectiveness will increase by up to 7 times. Not only their healing techniques but any activity the person engages in, such as painting, cooking, sales, engineering, writing, etc., will also improve in success. Participants will have the feeling that answers to questions come more quickly. Because this course accelerates the processes of comprehension and understanding of the different activities that they perform, these techniques can be combined in any activity that to unfold. The participants’ interest in making contact with the worlds of nature such as plants, trees, animals, etc. will also gradually increase. The development of these powers will occur over a 3 to 6 month period provided spiritual instructions from the ceremony are followed. To continue with Level 2 and 3 of the Galeh Razin teachings please complete this development.

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